Wood Badge? Done!

PrintLast night I had my final meeting with my Scouting Training Advisor to get the last set of modules signed off for my Wood Badge. I’ve mentioned before that I was working towards this, it’s the award for adult leaders completing all of their training. Depending on the level of your appointment there are different numbers of modules to complete, as a section leader (I’m an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL) but the training is the same for Beaver Scout Leaders too) I had to complete a total of 18 modules.

One of the things I really liked about the training scheme was how flexible it was. The majority of modules have various learning methods – you choose the way you learn best. There are workshops run for virtually all of the modules, if I’d been completing my training as soon as I started I think I would have tried this learning method out. I had a break in my training whilst I was based in Aberystwyth and so once I was back on Worcestershire and Scouting on a regular basis again I’d already acquired lots of skills and knowledge. I chose to work through each module independently, reading lots of the information that exists online and in various Scout Association publications and then choosing the validation methods (most modules ask you to complete 2 from 6 or so options) that made the most sense for me both as an ABSL (some methods were far more appropriate for leaders working with older children) and / or in terms of me shoring up my developing skills.

Despite that fact I’ve been with my Beaver colony now for a little over 5 years (I officially started in March 2009 but was with them for a few months before) there was lots for me to learn throughout the training process. I’ve noticed the difference that completing certain modules has made to me as a leader already and am sure as I continue I’ll be using lots of the new things I’ve learnt on a regular basis. I’m very glad to have completed it and am thinking that in the future I may well complete the additional training to become a Training Advisor myself.

The necker, woggle and wood beads that make up the Wood Badge award.

The necker, woggle and wood beads that make up the Wood Badge award.

I can now look forward to being presented with my Wood Beads and necker (like those in the photo) signifying I’m now a member of the 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group – something that is shared by more than 100,000 adults in Scouting worldwide. My award should be presented in plenty of time for me be able to wear it with pride on this year’s St George’s Day parade.

Next for me? I need to complete my Night’s Away Permit training so I can lead overnight residential experiences. We have a Beaver sleepover planned for a few weeks’ time and a district camp in May – these should get me well on the path to gaining my permit.