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The Summer Reading Challenge: “Lockdown” by Sean Black.

This was my fourth and final choice from the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge. Whilst chick lit is a favourite genre of mine I also love bloke lit so I thought it’d be good to include a new bloke lit author in my selection. Within a few chapters of this book I was very glad I’d picked it.

Lockdown is the story of Ryan Lock, a security expert employed by a company that is involved in testing products on animals. Within the early chapters everything blows up, the pace picks up and I found myself swept away in the story. I found the characters interesting and engaging, and the New York setting worked really well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be looking out for the next instalment in the series. I think I’ve found a new must read author!

This was my fourth and final read for the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge, I’ve really enjoyed being involved in it and am looking forward to getting involved with any future challenges they hold.

Book Review · Reading Challenges

The Summer Reading Challenge : “The Wish” by Sasha Blake.

This is the third book that I have read for Transworld’s Summer Reading Challenge. Whilst I have enjoyed my previous two books this one sadly fell a bit short for me.

I had some problems with the structure of the novel. It is divided into 4 books, and then these are divided into small sections of between a few paragraphs and a few pages. Each little section is labelled with where the action is taking place and vitally when. This is not a book written in a linear fashion, the first book in particular jumps forward and backwards. Unfortunately I found this off-putting and had to flick back a number of times to work out what was going on.

The plot is Las Vegas centric, complete with scandal, warring families and secrets threatening to bubble over. To begin with I enjoyed the plot but as the book progressed I found myself sighing as it got more outlandish.

“The Wish” is not a book that I would normally have picked to read, and that is the beauty of this Reading Challenge. I’m glad to have given it a try but it isn’t one for me.

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The Summer Reading Challenge : “After You” by Julie Buxbaum

After enjoying “Guilty Pleasures” I was really looking forward to seeing what the next of my books from Transworld was going to hold. “After You” appears to be marketed towards the Jodi Picoult reading market, it comes complete with a quote from her on the front cover. I’ve read most of Jodi Picoult books so thought I’d probably enjoy this one too. I actually found it to be a more straightforward read than most Jodi Picoult, it was less focussed on issues and moral debates.

“After You” tells the story of Ellie who travels from America to London when her best friend Lucy is murdered. Lucy leaves behind a husband and daughter, both of them are reeling from the loss. As Ellie begins to help them find their way forward she starts to realise that maybe their lives aren’t the only ones that are broken.

I thought this book was well written and very easy to get stuck into. I read it in two sittings, but if I’d started reading it earlier than I did I would probably have stayed with it until the end. The characters were all well crafted, I especially fell in love with Lucy’s daughter Sophie, a bookworm whose thirst for knowledge has left her socially isolated. I loved the fact that all of the characters were there for a reason, they all had their own plotlines rather than being there simply for padding.

I shall definitely be looking to read more by Julie Buxbaum.

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The Summer Reading Challenge : “Forbidden Pleasures” by Jo Rees

As the first book I’ve read for Transworld’s Summer Of Reading this was everything I expected. Whilst on the surface it is a tale of the darker side of the glitzy world of casinos, this book is far more about the lives of the two lead characters than about parties, gambling and decadent living.

I felt that the contrast of Savvy who goes from having it all to have nothing, with Lois who is fighting to get her life back worked well. Both characters were a little more rounded than characters I’ve read in similar books though the format did feel pretty familiar. If the twist towards the end was intended to be unexpected then it didn’t work for me, I’d worked it out and was glad that the characters finally had.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read, it would be perfect fare for the beach or poolside.

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The Summer Reading Challenge

I have signed up to take part in Transworld Publishing’s Summer Reading Challenge. It’s very simple, after commenting on their blog post they have emailed me to confirm I’m taking part and I’ve told them the four books I want to read from their list of fifteen (and where I want them sent). I’m now waiting for the first book to drop through my letter box and then I can get on with reading.

The hardest part of the process I’ve found so far has been picking the books that I want to read. From the list of fifteen books I was able to cross of three straight away, either because I’ve read them or have them in my pile of unread books. A couple of them held no interest either because they were a follow up to a book I hadn’t read (Matt Beaumont’s “E”) or because I simply didn’t fancy them (sorry Mr McNab, I’m sure your books are great really). That left me with having to pick four books out of the remaining 10. After lots of thinking, and Amazon searching, I decided that these would be my choices:
Forbidden Pleasures by Jo Rees
After You by Julie Buxbaum
Lockdown by Sean Black
The Wish by Sasha Blake

I look forward to starting my reading, and I shall be reviewing each book here when I’m done.

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Books, Books, Books.

Since starting to blog here I haven’t really talked about books, I find this odd ‘cos normally books are a pretty big part of my life. I haven’t been reading anywhere near as much as usual since becoming ill, but the last few weeks I’ve started to see this change and I’m getting back to my old reading habits. I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do blogwise for books, I used to do a monthly round up of what I’d been reading on my previous blog and I think I’ve decided I’ll do the same. The lovely Keris has invited me to get involved at Five Minutes Peace so I think that will be a great opportunity to get back to the full reviewing I used to do many moons ago at Trashionista.

I have also commented here to take part in Transworld Publishing’s Summer Reading Challenge. I haven’t heard back from them yet (I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s just because I applied on Friday afternoon rather than I was too late) but I’m sure that as soon as I have I’ll be blogging here about it.