Blogdate 2013.

First off I must thank the wonderful Sarah for giving me the idea for today’s, and probably many future, blog post titles. No more will I fail to blog for the lack of a title!

I’m currently doing some work via the temp agency I’m registered with, after a long gap with no work I’m very lucky that what was a 1 day assignment has become an at least 3 day assignment – I’ll find out tomorrow if it will stretch to 4, but this seems pretty doubtful. After doing a couple of days waitressing and then just reception work it’s been a real change to get a transcription job – I’m watching videos of interviews and transcribing them against time markers ready for some editing process to happen.

Yesterday I found it a little strange to adjust to, I’m working in a very large, open plan office for the first time ever and I can now understand all the complaints I’ve heard about such working environments. I get to wear a great big pair of over-ear headphones which muffle the noise in a slightly odd fashion, but they really make my ears hurt after a while. I think maybe I have a funny shaped head.

Once I settled into it though I really started to enjoy it. I’m a naturally curious, nosy person so getting to listen to interviews is great. Most of all though, the parts I’m liking best are the stories. Listening to people tell stories that are important to them, watching their faces, seeing and hearing the emotions the stories evoke in them, it’s a kind of magic.

This is what I love about stories. Whether you’re reading them, hearing them, watching them or even creating them they have such a power to capture your imagination and just not let it go. I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and discover what stories are waiting for me.