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Richard Armitage Narrates Love Poems.

I had an email this morning from Felicity at Audible to tell me about their free download for Valentine’s Day. As soon as I started to read the email I knew I had to blog about it – I could instantly think of people who were going to be very interested in it.

The download in question is a collection of love poems narrated by Richard Armitage.

The collection includes poems written by William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Edgar Allen Poe amongst others. I personally love Richard Armitage’s voice so the idea of him reading aloud these beautiful poems is a welcome one!

This video features the man himself talking about the collection and sharing some of his own feelings about poetry – it’s well worth the 3 minutes of your time it’ll take to watch!

If this has persuaded you to give this collection a listen you can download it here.




This post is not sponsored, I simply love the sound of this and want to spread the love!

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I read because…

This morning I saw this poem shared on an email discussion group I’m part of, and I remembered that I’d seen it before and meant to blog about it and then promptly forgotten all about it. So here it is, author Richard Peck’s poem about reading.

I read because one life isn’t enough,
and in the pages of a book I can be anybody;

I read because the words that build
the story become mine, to build my life;

I read not for happy endings but for new beginnings;
I’m just beginning myself, and I wouldn’t mind a map;

I read because I have friends who don’t,
and young though they are, they’re beginning to run out of material;

I read because every journey begins at the library,
and it’s time for me to start packing;

I read because one of these days I’m going to get out of this town,
and I’m going to go everywhere and meet everyone, and I want to be ready.

I can’t begin to put into words how much this resonates with me. Every single one of these things describes my life at one time or another, that final one feels incredibly relevant to my thinking at the moment.

When I looked for the full wording of the poem for this post I found this lovely post from Notes from the Slushpile about Richard Peck. He sounds absolutely fascinating, I know I’m going to be reading more about him as soon as I can.