Everything’s a little better with Disney.

Today’s been a bit grim really hasn’t it, the world stage has been awful and rubbish for some time now, things at home haven’t been much better and now the calling of a snap general election just seems like such a worsening of affairs. I’m going to avoid the temptation to get political in this space, it’s something that matters to me a lot but I just don’t want it to seep in to here.

I mentioned last week that I’m still working out what does and doesn’t belong here, where my personal lines are going to be drawn for what I do and don’t include. One definite inclusion is always going to be Disney related videos, so here’s Alan Menken being brilliant.


The Lion King flies.

I love musicals and I love Disney, so I’ve seen and loved the stage versions of both The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. I heard about this video of some of the Australian cast of The Lion King’s a cappella performance on a plane yesterday but have only just got round to watching it.

It’s made me so happy that I wanted to share it here. As I’m writing this I’m remembering so many things that all make me smile; performing songs from The Lion King at our school pyramid concert, the various a cappella performances I’ve been involved in – both planned and spontaneous, and the day I saw the show in the West End. My only sadness is that I’ve never been on a flight with such a cool thing happening – can’t this become a regular feature?