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Book Review : Wereworld: Rage of Lions by Curtis Jobling.


He has the makings of a great warrior – but first he must master the blade and the beast.

When Lady Gretchen is abducted by the Werelion Prince Lucas, Drew and his friends embark on a perilous chase to stop the prince fleeing to his homeland of Bast. As Drew encounters terrifying new Werelords along the way, he is led to the exotic city of Cape Gala, where the forces of Onyx, the Beast of Bast, await.

Now Drew must summon all of his courage and strength – because the Catlords are ready to attack . . .

I absolutely loved the first book in Curtis Jobling’s Wereworld series so I was really excited to start reading this second book. It opens with an all action prologue and you straight away get the feel that this is going to be one hell of a read.

The book continues with Drew trying to come to terms with his role and what it means for him. Between training to help him develop his skills and meetings with the Wolf’s Council his life is certainly very different now. When Gretchen is kidnapped he is told that he must not go after her, but of course he ignores these orders and goes off in pursuit of her and her kidnappers. Whilst he is on his quest his friends are not quiet either, Hector in particular gets a great story.

I continue to love so many of the characters that feature in these books, I was so pleased to see Count Vega back in action – he’s a real favourite of mine. I also love Whitley, she’s so brave and resourceful – I don’t think I could do half the things she does even in the most dire of situations!

This book absolutely whips through, I only put it down long enough to make a cup of tea! The blend of politics and action makes it a captivating read, the addition of some lovely quieter character moments is just the icing on the cake. I feel like I’m really getting to know the characters well which means I’m really invested in what happens to them and the people that mean a lot to them.

I love the way the book keeps you on your toes, there are a couple of pretty major plot points later in the book that made my jaw drop open. I have absolutely no idea how the author is going to carry on from one of them in particular, but I can’t wait to read the third book and find out. This series of books is now a real favourite of mine, I really can’t recommend them enough.

Wereworld: Rage of Lions is published in paperback by Puffin in the UK.

Book Review

Book Review : Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling.


When the air is clear, sixteen year-old Drew Ferran can pick up the scent of a predator. When the moon breaks through the clouds, a terrifying fever grips him. And when a vicious beast invades his home, his flesh tears, his fingers become claws, and Drew transforms . . .

Forced to flee the family he loves, Drew seeks refuge in the most godforsaken parts of Lyssia. But when he is captured by Lord Bergan’s men, Drew must prove he is not the enemy. Can Drew battle the werecreatures determined to destroy him – and master the animal within?

This book starts gently, describing farmboy Drew, but already you get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. Within the first few chapters the first major event takes place and from then on the plot rattles along nicely. Drew acts both as the main character and as the reader’s way into the wonderful world created by Jobling – as Drew didn’t know he was a werewolf he didn’t know anything of the world of werelords. This world building is a key part of the plot and one I loved, at every turn there is a new were- species to be unveiled, my favourite was one of the last to be revealed – an animal I would have never thought could be a were- but one that works brilliantly.

I loved the character of Drew, for me he was just the right mix of headstrong yet uncertain teenager and leading man. The characters around Drew are also well written, and interesting. I particularly liked the character of Hector and the way his friendship with Drew evolved throughout the book. I also found I developed a soft spot for the lovely Duke Bergen. The plot is essentially journey based so this means there are lots of characters that are met along the way. I never found that I was having trouble keeping track of the more minor characters or that any of them had been less developed simply because they were only making a brief appearance.

I really enjoyed reading this book and am already eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series. I think this has the potential to become a new favourite series.

Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf is published in paperback by Penguin in the UK priced £6.99. I would like to thank Penguin for offering the prize copy of this book that I won from Fluttering Butterflies.