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Gone camping.

Library Camping that is. Today is the first UK Library Camp

Library Camp 2011 is a place for anyone interested in modernising and transforming libraries of all kinds to ask, connect, consider, converse, convince, create, debate, deliberate, disagree, discover, discuss, dream, enjoy, examine, explore, invent, investigate, laugh, learn, listen, plan, plot, question, reflect, relax, share, talk, teach, theorise, think, wonder …and to eat cake!

Library Camp will run as an “unconference” where participants decide on the programme at the beginning of the event, working on the principle that the sum of the knowledge, experience and expertise of the people in the room is likely to be greater than that of those on the stage at traditional conferences.

My usual preferred sort of camping looks like this

Picture from LowJumpingFrog

The lake is optional, but the campfire and guitar are pretty essential for me. The two couldn’t be more different, and if I’m perfectly honest I’m pretty nervous about today’s sort of camp. There are going to be lots of people I know off Twitter to meet, which is exciting but scary (what if they all expect someone different to me?) and the current suggested sessions sound really interesting but I worry that I’m going to be doing a lot of listening without having much to contribute. I’m sure that once I’m there it’ll all go smoothly and I’ll have a great time, it’s been reassuring to see other attendees tweeting about similar nerves over the last couple of days. However it goes you can be sure I’ll be blogging about it in the next couple of days.