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An answer.

Remember my post last week about the intriguing post I’d been receiving? Well today everything became clear. I received a final parcel, and having been alerted to its content by fellow book blogger Liz I thought I’d photograph each stage of opening the parcel.

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Inside was a copy of S. J. Watson’s debut novel Before I Go To Sleep, and I needed my key to get into it. A brilliant idea that clearly worked, I proceeded to settle down with the book and read it in one exhilarating sitting. It’s the first time I’ve got completely lost in a book like that for a while, look out for my review later this week (sneak preview – I loved it!).

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Curiouser and curiouser.

I’ve been getting some intriguing post over the last few weeks. First came these:

Three samplers containing the first 40 pages of S J Watson‘s debut novel Before I Go To Sleep. They were tantalising enough but then today this arrived:

The two keys look like they might work on a padlock maybe… but where is the padlock? If I wasn’t intrigued about the book before I certainly am now!