Wednesday Work in Progress.

I thought I’d share something slightly different from my crafting today and focus on one of my ongoing projects rather than a completed one. I’ve resisted doing this before mainly because cross stitch projects in progress have a tendency to look very crumpled – I use a wooden embroidery hoop for my projects so there are lots of hoop marks and other creases from gathering the fabric while I sew. 

I picked this project back up tonight for the first time in weeks though and thought it might be good to share it at this stage in an effort to keep me on track with it and get it finished sooner rather than later.

It’s a little over half finished I would think, as well as completing the rest of the oval of cakes there are quite a few individual stitches to go back and do (each rectangular frame has a single contrast colour stitch in each corner for instance) and the back stitched words to go in the labels etc.

When it’s finished it will go in and oval embroidery hoop which will be a first for me. The project as a whole is fun and colourful to sew even if at this stage I’m not sure what I’ll do with the finished piece as it’s probably not something I’d put up myself. 

I’ve got 28 more days on my 100 Days of Cross Stitch so I’m aiming to finish this in that time frame too.

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It’s the little things

I got home this afternoon from my long weekend to find a mystery parcel waiting for me. I eagerly opened it to find the most perfect mug inside, a gift from a friend who knows me so well. 

It’s one of my absolute favourite song lyrics, largely because it could have been written about me – no matter how late I get in I still make that last cup of tea to take up to my bed with me. It comes of course from One Direction’s Little Things and while not all of the lyrics are quite so perfect it remains a song I love. (And has a video I love because it’s made up of studio type footage which is something I can’t get enough of.)


Any questions?

We’ve just got in from seeing Wonder Woman (which I adored but can’t begin to gather my thoughts for yet) and I realise that I forgot to write a blog post for today. So rather than lose my streak I’m turning it over to you, I’m aiming to keep up this daily blogging but would love to know what sorts of things you’d like to hear from me. Are there any topics or things I’ve touched on before you’d like to hear more from me? Let me know!

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Hunting Bears and Gruffalos. 

Today has been a day of literary hunts and it’s been brilliant. 

This morning I went with my friends and their young boys to the Bournemouth Pavilion to see We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. It’s the first time I’ve been to see a show aimed at young children since I was one myself, and I was so impressed. They had taken the book and translated it to the stage in an engaging show filled with catchy songs and entertaining performances. The length was just right, it felt like you’d got your money’s worth but wasn’t too long for young attention spans.

This afternoon we followed it up by heading to Moors Valley to follow the Gruffalo Spotters Trail. These can be found in woods across England, they’re about 1 mile long and have clues all the way along them as to which character from the book you’ll find next. There’s a free app you can download, at each character’s location there’s a sign to scan that then uses augmented reality to display the character in the woods where you are and allows you to take photos. 

The trail was great, well sign posted and easy to follow. The idea of the app and the augmented reality is brilliant and when it worked it was great. We did have a lot of moments where a child ran between the phone and the sign that you had to scan for the augmented reality which blocked the signal, when the link was re-established you had to watch the character’s little animation again before you could take a photo which meant you ran the risk of losing your cute photo opportunity. It would be good to have an option to skip straight to the photo taking bit. 

At the end of the trail we also found two large scale models of the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child which the boys loved and allowed for some easier last pictures. 

Everyone’s exhausted now but we’ve had such a happy, fun day. It’s been great. 


Friday favourites

I’m back again today with another round up of online things I’ve enjoyed over the last week.

First up is this excellent post by author Victoria Walters about the idea that you have to write every day if you want to be a real writer. It’s an idea that seems to come around periodically and I always enjoy reading well thought out posts that counter it.

Next up are a couple of links to reports from the handout of all of the hearts made for Manchester. I was really happy to have been involved in making a few hearts for this so seeing the hugely positive reaction to them has been lovely. They are here and here.

I spotted this on Facebook thanks to my friend Kate reacting to it, a wonderful moment from America’s Got Talent:

And finally I really enjoyed Ed Sheeran’s Carpool Karaoke which aired this week: