Looking backwards

I know there's plenty of advice that you should focus on moving forwards rather than looking back behind you, but last Friday I decided to take some time to look backwards. I was settled in London by mid afternoon and didn't have plans until the evening so knew it was the perfect time to pay my old workplace a visit.

It's no secret that I left my job because of its location rather than because of the job itself. Saying goodbye to the amazing team I was part of was incredibly hard, and however welcoming and friendly my new colleagues are they still aren't the old lot. Or at least they're not yet.

I questioned for myself whether it was the right time to go back and see this brilliant group who I miss dearly. I decided though that the opportunity wasn't going to come up again any time soon, so I was going to seize it. I'm so glad I did.

It was a little odd to be back there and to know that that wasn't my place any more. That was completely outweighed though by how brilliant it was to see everyone. It was great to catch up with what had happened since I left, and to be able to tell them a bit about what I've been doing and will be doing.

So should you look backwards? For me it's definitely a yes albeit while moving forwards.

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This weekend I've been in London at the Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC) which is housed within London Film and Comic Con (LFCC). It's been a brilliant weekend and rather than sit on the idea of blogging about it in a few days I thought I'd forego the detailed post I'd end up aspiring to (and never writing) and instead share a few of my highlights of the weekend straight away. So in no particular order…

  • Spending time with friends – this is, for me, one of the most important parts about the YALC weekend, getting to meet up with people I don't get to see anywhere near enough. I got to speak to everyone I'd wanted to at least briefly which is brilliant. Special mentions though have to go to Keris, Michelle and Donna who I got to spend the most time with throughout the weekend.
  • The atmosphere – being in a space where the focus is on young adult books just seems to foster this incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly space. I've been to plenty of other conventions with different focus topics and they never feel quite like this.
  • The proximity to LFCC – I only visited the main convention once this year but could've spent more time there if I'd wanted to, it's so good to get to go and explore the traditional convention as well as have all the bookish content (plus we bumped into one of my old friends and it was lovely to have a catch up).
  • The panels – this year I only went to two, but they were both very good. I enjoyed yesterday's myth and magic themed panel but today's fandom panel was definitely my highlight.

There's probably loads more I could say, but for me these are the things that made the weekend as special as it was. I'm exhausted now but deep down already looking forward to next year!


Which way next?

I'm finding myself wondering about my blogging again. It's been 205 days since I started posting daily, and while I've enjoyed the challenge of doing so I've been thinking about how much longer I keep it up for. There has to come a point at which I stop the daily blogging so when is that point?

My initial plan had been to blog every day through January to help me kick-start the habit again, and then reduce back down to regular but not daily posting. January came and went, and then so did February, and March and here we are almost at the end of July and I'm still doing it.

There are things about it I'm still loving and there are things now that I'm not loving. I've always said to other people when talking about blogging that it's one of those things you should do because you love it. So I think I need to follow my only advice and tweak things so I keep loving it.

I'm finding that since starting my new job the demands on my time are completely different. The time I would ideally be spent writing are ending up going to blogging, and I'm not entirely content with that. I'm setting personal goals for what I want to have done with my writing and by when, I don't have a hope of achieving them if I'm not writing.

Tuesday of next week is the 1st August. I think, unless I have a complete change of heart over the weekend when I'll be surround by other bloggers and booklovers at YALC, that that will be the point at which I finally see my plan to shift from daily blogging to regular blogging come to fruition. I'm still not entirely sure what will stay and what will go, I think some planning time with my trusty notebook will be needed!