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The Gallery : Dads.

This week’s return to The Gallery sees Tara giving us the prompt of Dads.

Whereas it’s quite tricky finding a photo of my mom, my dad is always more than happy to jump in front of the camera. I didn’t need to stop and think about what photo I should use, I knew instantly that it had to be this one:

My brother got married in February, the bride and bridesmaids all wore mini top hats. I think my dad felt a bit left out – we found him snoozing like this the morning after the wedding.

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The Gallery : Chilled Out.

This week’s prompt from Tara is Chilled Out.

I had to think quite hard about this prompt, the first thing that came to mind was one of my many pictures of a large mug of something caffeinated and a book but I’ve used pictures like that for other prompts and I don’t really want to become predictable. Okay, more predictable than I already am. Flicking through my photos I suddenly remembered this:

I’m a country girl through and through, and being somewhere beautiful always relaxes me. I grew up by lots of water so add in a lake or a river or in this case the edge of the sea and I can physically feel all my stresses floating away. This is at Portmeirion so it combines water, gorgeous landscapes and the knowledge I’m in my newly adopted and much beloved Wales. What could be better?

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The Gallery : Mother Love.

This week’s prompt is Mother Love.

This is a photo of my mom taking a photo of me taking a photo of her… you get the idea.

There are not words for me to express how I feel about my mom, how much she has done for me always but particularly over the last 18 months since I became ill. She has been the one that has always got me through, without a shadow of a doubt without her I wouldn’t now be at university making a new life for myself. She’s been there through the days when even putting a sentence together has been so hard I’ve wanted to scream, she’s been there on the days when I couldn’t see a better future, and she’s been there on the days when I’ve succeeded – always the first to congratulate me.

One of my biggest dreams is that I get to be a mom myself. If I’m lucky enough that it comes true I can only hope to aspire to be as good a mom as mine is.

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The Gallery : Trees.

This week’s prompt from Tara at Sticky Fingers is Trees.

My parents came to visit last weekend and we went to visit nearby Aberaeron. It’s a lovely little town full of colourful houses, this tree stands on one bank of the River Aeron. I imagine in the summer it’d be a nice tree to go and sit under with a book and a glass of something nice.

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The Gallery : One Word.

It’s that time of the week again, and this week Tara at Sticky Fingers has provided another brilliant prompt – One Word.

It took me a while to decide whether to pick a photo first and then a word, or a word first and then find a photo to go with it. I decided to go with the latter, it seemed the right thing to do and then of course I had to pick a word. Over the weekend I met up with friends, and one of the things we did was visit the Doctor Who Experience. It was a brilliant way to spend a couple of hours and the word I kept coming back to was joy. There was so much to see, every time you turned there was something new and brilliant waiting, time and time again I was filled with joy to see something from this tv show I adore. I took loads of photos and looking back at them this was the one that instantly brought back that feeling of joy:

Seeing the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ TARDIS console up close was just brilliant, I felt like a child all over again. Definitely an afternoon filled with joy.

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The Gallery : Simple Pleasures.

A lovely prompt this week from Tara at Sticky Fingers, simple pleasures.

This has to be one of my favourite simple pleasures, coffee, cake and a good book. I can spend ages nursing that coffee whilst I lose myself in the world of whatever book I’m reading, it’s a sure fire way to put a smile on my face.

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The Gallery : Togetherness

This week’s The Gallery prompt of Togetherness nearly had me stumped. I was doing my usual browse through my photo folders and was close to giving up for this week. I don’t take many pictures of people, and the ones that do have pictures tend to have only one person in. I couldn’t even thing of an abstract take on the prompt, and then I found this photo and wondered how I could have possibly forgotten it!

This was taken just after me and Gemma had returned from our Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure. It was a brilliant day, seeing the Grand Canyon was breath taking and then spending the time on the ranch was just perfect considering my love of cowboys. Seeing this photo again has brought back a lot of happy memories.

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The Gallery : Shapes.

I took a week off from The Gallery last week because the prompt left me completely stumped. This week’s prompt made me much happier, Shapes.

When I was in Las Vegas I was absolutely fascinated by these spiral escalators in The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. I couldn’t work out how they could be a spiral, and riding on one was a very strange sensation.

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The Gallery : Mother Nature.

Another week and another lovely prompt from Tara at Sticky Fingers, Mother Nature.

I had lots of pictures to trawl through for this prompt, nature is one of the things I like to photograph the most. In the end I went with this photo of sweet peas in the flower tent at the Gardeners’ World show last summer. Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers, we grow them every year and I love the way the vase is full for weeks and weeks on end. They’re so pretty and I adore the smell that wafts gently past on any breeze.