Favourite Things: Monument Valley 

Over the weekend I discovered that my friends’ 4 year old has completely fallen in love with the game Monument Valley. It’s a game I played ages ago (at the recommendation of his mum) but haven’t touched since I completed it and its add on levels. Watching him play it made me want to revisit it, so yesterday I reset my app and started over. 

Monument Valley is probably the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. You play as Ida, a young princess, you have to guide her through almost bizarre maze levels – they can be manipulated in different ways and seem to borrow from optical illusions and art by people like Escher. The soundtrack is gentle and soothing, I have a tendency to turn in app music off but this is one app I leave to play away. 

The game’s far from new, but as I’ve rediscovered it I thought it was worth sharing it here. I’m not big on playing games, so when I do find one to fall in love with it means it’s a pretty special game.