A bit of the West End for a Wednesday 

I spent part of this evening watching some of the videos from this year’s West End Live event on YouTube. There are some great performances but sadly the sound quality isn’t all that  brilliant. While I was watching them I spotted this from Amber Riley at the Olivier Awards which is brilliant:

and also then led me to rewatch Jennifer Hudson’s Carpool Karaoke which I love:

and is another of my favourite things so I couldn’t resist sharing the joy here. 


Saturday song. 

Have you ever found yourself listening to a song over and over, loving it, then paying real attention to it for the first time and realising that all this time you’d never realised what it’s about? That’s what happened to me with this song. It’s on a couple of my current favourite playlists and I’d been singing along to it for ages before actually paying attention to the lyrics even though it’s been around for so long. 

Turns out the video is also a bit of a surprise. It fits the song but wasn’t remotely what I’d expected. 


Artists for Grenfell single

Another music post today, but it seems wrong to blog about anything other than today’s release of the charity single Bridge Over Troubled Water by Artists for Grenfell. It brings together a whole heap of musical talent and is all in aid of raising funds to support all those affected by last week’s horrific fire.

Their donation link is here.

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It’s the little things

I got home this afternoon from my long weekend to find a mystery parcel waiting for me. I eagerly opened it to find the most perfect mug inside, a gift from a friend who knows me so well. 

It’s one of my absolute favourite song lyrics, largely because it could have been written about me – no matter how late I get in I still make that last cup of tea to take up to my bed with me. It comes of course from One Direction’s Little Things and while not all of the lyrics are quite so perfect it remains a song I love. (And has a video I love because it’s made up of studio type footage which is something I can’t get enough of.)