Friday Favourites.

Some more favourite things from this week (or rather that I’ve seen or thought about this week) to end Friday with.

First of all this combines one of my all time favourite musicals, Les Miserable, with one of my favourite performance type things, flash mobs. They’ve disabled the embed ability so you’ll have to click to go and watch it on YouTube but it’s very good, and worth it I’d say {LINK}

Secondly, the always excellent Jeremy Jordan’s Disney princess power ballad performance came back across my radar this week.

And finally I’ve talked about, and heard others talk about Matilda this week. I’ve shared this one before but I love it too much to not include it again. One of my favourite songs from the musical, with some of the lyrics I love best of all.


Everything’s a little better with Disney.

Today’s been a bit grim really hasn’t it, the world stage has been awful and rubbish for some time now, things at home haven’t been much better and now the calling of a snap general election just seems like such a worsening of affairs. I’m going to avoid the temptation to get political in this space, it’s something that matters to me a lot but I just don’t want it to seep in to here.

I mentioned last week that I’m still working out what does and doesn’t belong here, where my personal lines are going to be drawn for what I do and don’t include. One definite inclusion is always going to be Disney related videos, so here’s Alan Menken being brilliant.


Tale as old as time.

I hope you’ve all had lovely Easters. My weekend has been lovely, lots of time spent with family plus time for crafting and of course eating chocolate!

I come today bearing a little musical treat. The very brilliant Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen from Nashville singing Beauty and the Beast. A slice of musical beauty to end the day with.


Friday Favourites

I thought for the end of the week I’d share a few current musical favourites.

First up, I’ve been listening to this track from the Moana soundtrack lots, it’s just so good.

Secondly, this new divas themed riff-off made me so happy.

And then to finish, today I’ve listened to Harry Styles’ brand new debut single more than a few times and I really, really love it.

Happy Friday!


Be Our Guest

I’ve just finished writing a whole blog post for tonight about music, and my musical influences and how they’ve shaped the music that I love now. I wanted to add some videos in with some of the songs so I’ve just opened YouTube and my eye was drawn to something in my recommendations and so that post is being put to one side for another day as I’m entirely distracted by this now:

I saw Beauty and the Beast last week and loved it. This segment manages to blend Disney, and more specifically Beauty and the Beast, with the Late Late Show and has instantly pulled the soundtrack back into my brain – I’ll be dreaming of dancing tableware again tonight I reckon!



It will come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of Carpool Karaoke, I’ve shared a couple here already. On Friday watching Comic Relief, top of my list of things I was looking forward to was Take That’s singalong with James Corden. It didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. I don’t think it will join my list of regularly rewatched episodes but I enjoyed it very much.