Saturday song.

This week I couldn't have chosen anything other than a Linkin Park track to share today. The soundtrack to my uni days featured their music regularly so the news this week of the death of Chester Bennington left me very sad. I know many deemed them not a cool band to love, but I never cared about that, I loved their sound and what they had to say mattered to me a whole lot. I saw them headline at Reading Festival back in 2003, while I was there with a group of friends we all did our own thing so I went on my own (some of the others were elsewhere in the crowd) and had such an amazing time – they were a highlight in a weekend that was full of so many musical highlights.

I often talk about music getting under my skin, those songs that seem to capture my heart most intensely. Of all the Linkin Park songs I love In the End is the one that absolutely got under my skin so it had to be my choice.


Saturday song

I’m off to London tomorrow to see the evening session of the ParaAthletics so today’s musical choice is inspired by this. After last year’s Last Leg coverage of the Rio Paralympics featured this song a couple of times it has become intrinsically connected with disability sport in my brain.


Saturday SongĀ 

A very late post today but it’s been a very busy day. I wanted to share this song a few weeks back, it had been the featured record of the week on the drive time show I tend to listen to on the radio and with each daily play I loved it more. There was no video though so I’ve waited and now there is one and I can finally share it. The band are called Wild Youth, the song is their debut single and it’s called All or Nothing.