End of the week earworm

Today has been filled with coffee and cake and seeing people. It’s been quiet and  lovely. It’s also been accompanied by Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons. I love the song, the first time I heard it was when she sang it on Carpool Karaoke I actually paused the video so I could find out what the song was. It’s been a happy earworm to have so what better than to share it here too.


More music for Monday

I’ve been pretty busy today. Lay in bed last night I decided enough was enough and it was time to start making all of the changes I wanted to make, I woke up this morning still motivated (it’s amazing how often that motivation slips away overnight) and have been getting stuck in to everything since.

This afternoon I’ve been glued to my laptop getting on with more administrative type activities and I’ve been listening to one of my Daily Mix playlists on Spotify. The one I chose has a really good blend of classic tracks – it’s billed as featuring Sam Cooke, The Righteous Brothers, Aretha Franklin and more. It’s pretty brilliant, I particularly loved the opportunity to rediscover Roberta Flack’s version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow which is a track I love very much.


Song for Sunday

Thanks to Instagram stories I discovered that Una Healy has released a solo album, The Waiting Game. Since discovering this I’ve listened to quite a few times and I like what I’ve been hearing. It’s definitely my kind of music. This track features Sam Palladio from Nashville, their voices go so well together.

I’m definitely a fan of this musical direction for Una, I think I’m going to be listening to this album a lot.

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Beauty and the carpet bag.

I’ve just read the wonderful news that Angela Lansbury has been cast in Mary Poppins Returns. Apparently she’ll be playing the Balloon Lady, a character from the books.

I’m thrilled she’s going to be in this film, I love her and I’m really looking forward to the film so it seems like a great combination for me. This news has made me realise that I maybe should have read the books by now, Mary Poppins is a film I love dearly so it seems a little remiss of me to have not gone back and read the books that came before it. I’m going to read them before Mary Poppins Returns comes out.

The other thing this news has made me think of is this wonderful video of Angela Lansbury at last year’s 25th anniversary screening of Beauty and the Beast. 


Monday music

Today’s been pretty lovely. After remembering a small cross stitch I needed to complete early this week I spent the morning at my laptop designing it, and have then got about 70% of the way through stitching it.

It was nice to get settled at my laptop, mug of coffee at hand, music streaming. I’m listening to a fairly random playlist at the moment, it’s a nice mixture of familiar songs I love and new songs I’m falling for. One of these is Foy Vance’s song Shed a Little Light. Every time I reach it on the playlist it makes me stop and listen fully. I’m sharing it below – I’ve not done this before so fingers crossed it’ll work!
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Sing it On

This morning I went to see Sing at the cinema, it was my last chance to use my Cineworld Unlimited card (currently the nearest Cineworld to home is about 4th on my list of cinemas I’d travel to). I’d seen the trailer a few times and liked the look of it from them plus I’d seen some positive reaction from others so I thought I’d give it a go.

I enjoyed it. There was a fairly brief section towards the middle where it dragged a little (the many young children in the audience all agreed with me on this) but overall it was enjoyable. Unsurprisingly for a film about a singing talent show there’s loads of music included, I was interested to see that quite a lot of the music was older music and not necessarily stuff that the target young audience (the film has a U certificate) would be familiar with.

One such inclusion was Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure – listening to it made me bemoan yet again that I didn’t seize the opportunity to see Queen and Adam Lambert when they toured the UK. I know they’ve recently announced new North America dates so I’m very much hoping that they’ll follow suit and return to the UK too. I think the pairing is brilliant, I’m a definite fan of Adam Lambert and have been impressed by his work with Queen.

When I got back I spotted a tweet that had me rushing straight to YouTube, it turns out that Thursday night’s episode of The Late Late Show included a front man off between Adam Lambert and James Corden. I ummed and ahhed briefly over whether to share it here – I have after all shared some stuff from The Late Late Show already. But it’s my space, and I decide what goes, so here it is!

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Over sideways and under.

Last night I went to see Aladdin with my friend Gemma. It was our birthday present to each other, and I have to say I think we chose a very good gift!

When Aladdin first opened on Broadway I was intrigued by how they would have translated it to the stage, I’d seen and enjoyed Beauty and the Beast so hoped that Aladdin would get a West End transfer at some point. Last year it arrived, and while I haven’t heard as much about it as I’d expected to what I have heard has been positive.

We had really good seats, about halfway back in the dress circle and off to one side. They’d been labelled as potentially having a restricted view but we could see absolutely everything – even heads in front of us didn’t cause any problem, I’m pretty short so this is always a risk.

It was good that our view was unrestricted as there’s plenty to see. The show is bright, colourful and just brilliant fun. There are a few changes to the film that make some of the trickier parts to imagine translated much easier to put on the stage. The absolute highlight of the show was Trevor Dion Nicholas as the Genie. It must be so daunting to take on a role that was so brilliantly created by Robin Williams in the original movie, and it was great to see the little ways that the part had been tweaked to allow it to stand separate. Virtually all of my favourite moments came from the Genie.

I don’t want to talk about my favourite bits – I appreciated the fact I hadn’t heard and read anything about the staging so I don’t want to in turn spoil anything for anyone who is going to go and see it. And you really should be thinking about it.

I’ll leave you with this, the Broadway casts of The Lion King and Aladdin performing some of each other’s songs.