Saturday Song 

A very late post today but it’s been a very busy day. I wanted to share this song a few weeks back, it had been the featured record of the week on the drive time show I tend to listen to on the radio and with each daily play I loved it more. There was no video though so I’ve waited and now there is one and I can finally share it. The band are called Wild Youth, the song is their debut single and it’s called All or Nothing.


A bit of the West End for a Wednesday 

I spent part of this evening watching some of the videos from this year’s West End Live event on YouTube. There are some great performances but sadly the sound quality isn’t all that  brilliant. While I was watching them I spotted this from Amber Riley at the Olivier Awards which is brilliant:

and also then led me to rewatch Jennifer Hudson’s Carpool Karaoke which I love:

and is another of my favourite things so I couldn’t resist sharing the joy here. 


Saturday song. 

Have you ever found yourself listening to a song over and over, loving it, then paying real attention to it for the first time and realising that all this time you’d never realised what it’s about? That’s what happened to me with this song. It’s on a couple of my current favourite playlists and I’d been singing along to it for ages before actually paying attention to the lyrics even though it’s been around for so long. 

Turns out the video is also a bit of a surprise. It fits the song but wasn’t remotely what I’d expected.