Crowdfunding an exhibition.

For nearly a year at work I shared my corner of the office with Jamie. He started exactly a year after I did, and took over the desk next to mine that had been empty for months. It was lovely to have some company, and over the course of the year we chatted about all sorts. Jamie is an artist, he’d graduated from the university’s school of media, art and design. It was so lovely having someone so creative to chat with – while our creative pursuits were very different there were areas of overlap, and I’ll be honest listening to other creative people talk about their creativity is one of my favourite things.

Jamie and two other artists are now using Kickstarter to crowdfund their new exhibition “Written on the Skin”. You can find the campaign and read more about it here. It sounds like such a good idea to me – I’m still fascinated by crowdfunding campaigns and the way they can be used, this seems like an ideal way to use it.


A touch of herstory. 

I was going to write something about memory tonight but then YouTube listed this video for me and I loved it so thought I’d share it instead. March is Women’s History Month and the Girl Scouts of the USA did a photo shoot with some of their girls dressing up as iconic women throughout history.

This post includes the photos, I think my favourite might be mini Whoopi Goldberg.


International Women’s Day 2017

Today is International Women’s Day. I’m fortunate to know, and to have known, so many brilliant women who have taught me so much, who’ve supported and encouraged me, lifted me up when I’ve needed a boost and generally helped to shape me into the person I am today. I thought today I’d pull together a few cool things, all inspired by today.

First off, thanks to a tweet I saw earlier  I’ve subscribed to the daily A Woman to Know email – it is exactly as it sounds, each day you get an email that teaches you a little about a woman you’ve probably never heard of and gives you links to further reading. Like the sound of it? Sign up here.

Secondly I’ve taken the opportunity today to make a new Kiva loan. Kiva is a non-profit organisation that supports development by connecting lenders to borrowers. I’ve made a few loans over the last few years – each time I’ve chosen to support a woman who needs support for her handcraft business. There are loads of filters you can apply in order to find someone to loan to. The current exchange rate means loans cost about £20. Today for International Women’s Day loans to women are being matched so it’s an even better time to make a loan. Kiva can be found here.

Thirdly, I’ve been seeing Rupi Kaur’s words around for a while and today I’ve seen lots of people sharing them. This is probably my favourite that I’ve seen today:


And finally, some music. I love this Women Who Rock playlist from Rolling Stone, I’ve listened to it countless times so wanted to share it with you.


Baking and making.

After yesterday was a day filled with productive, essential, work like tasks today has been productive in an entirely different way. I’ve continued practicing my gluten free baking:

And I’ve made substantial progress with the bookmark I’m cross stitching (it’s pretty arduous as I’m not enjoying the kit much at all, more on that though when I blog about the finished object):

I thought I’d use the picture from my Instagram story as it tells my mini tale of woe. I should have the cross stitching finished tomorrow, maybe I’ll even get chance to turn it into a finished bookmark.

It’s been lovely to shift my efforts to creative ones today. I think tomorrow will be a mix of the last two days, hopefully I can still tip the balance to the creative side!


Four weeks on

It’s four weeks since I moved home. The time has gone incredibly quickly, I just had to check it on the calendar a couple of times when I type that to make sure it was right. It’s been both a hugely quiet, restful time and also at times pretty hectic. With the exception of my trip to Dorset last weekend I haven’t ventured far from home. I’ve spent time catching up with family, I’ve been making, reading and generally taking some time out. The job hunt is underway now, I’m looking forward to finding my next step.

I’ve been thinking though about the way I spend my time. It was very easy in London to go to the cinema (I lived 5 minutes walk from one whereas now it’s a decent drive away) and to go the theatre after work (my office was just off Oxford Street making the West End a short walk away). I’ve been happy to go to both the cinema and the theatre on my own for years – in London I went to the cinema on my own the vast majority of the time and probably went to the theatre about half the time time on my own. When I lived in Aberystwyth a few years ago I regularly went to the cinema and theatre solo. I’m just not so good at it when I’m at home.

There’s no good reason for me not to make solo trips to the theatre and cinema. I have in the past gone to the cinema solo at home, but only once to the theatre (and that was last year on a weekend visit back from London). So I’m going to do something about it. I’m eyeing up a couple of cinema trips in the next week or so to see Moonlight and Logan, and I’ve started drawing up a shortlist of shows coming to the Birmingham theatres this year. My lovely colleagues gave me theatre tokens when I left so I’m going to treat myself to a couple of evenings in the second city seeing lovely things.