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July in pictures.

At the end of every month I get a Monthly Collage email with a collage of my Instagram pictures for that month. I’m doing a photo a day challenge throughout 2017 on Instagram so it’s a pretty nice round up of my month. Here’s my July.


Looking backwards

I know there's plenty of advice that you should focus on moving forwards rather than looking back behind you, but last Friday I decided to take some time to look backwards. I was settled in London by mid afternoon and didn't have plans until the evening so knew it was the perfect time to pay my old workplace a visit.

It's no secret that I left my job because of its location rather than because of the job itself. Saying goodbye to the amazing team I was part of was incredibly hard, and however welcoming and friendly my new colleagues are they still aren't the old lot. Or at least they're not yet.

I questioned for myself whether it was the right time to go back and see this brilliant group who I miss dearly. I decided though that the opportunity wasn't going to come up again any time soon, so I was going to seize it. I'm so glad I did.

It was a little odd to be back there and to know that that wasn't my place any more. That was completely outweighed though by how brilliant it was to see everyone. It was great to catch up with what had happened since I left, and to be able to tell them a bit about what I've been doing and will be doing.

So should you look backwards? For me it's definitely a yes albeit while moving forwards.


A list of happiness (4)

I didn't do a happiness list last week and I missed it. So here's this week's list, with a side helping of the happy things I can remember from the week before.

Going to London to see the Para Athletics. Finishing catching up with lots of the shows I watch. Starting to feel comfortable with my new job, being able to get in in the morning, sit down and start working without needing to check anything with anyone. Finding a perfect new mug for work. Unpacking more of the boxes of non-essential stuff I brought back from London. The Student's Union shop selling half size bags of the mini jelly babies. Picking my c2c crochet back up after months. Having to take a detour on the way home because I was so intent on singing along to the radio that I missed my turning. Finally watching Sing Street after hearing so much good about it. Finishing my 100 Days of Cross Stitch. Finding a little, peaceful, grassy space at work to enjoy my lunch in. Discovering it's close enough to make it worth going to for my breaks too.


First day done.

Today was my first day at my new job. I woke up really looking forward to getting there and getting started, but also felt those first day nerves. Within the first few minutes they’d pretty much vanished as I got a warm welcome and introduction to the team.

It’s going to take a little while for me to settle, new jobs are always like that though. Based on the first day though I think I’m going to be very happy within this team. I still don’t know too much about the ins and outs of the role itself but what I’ve learned so far has been great.

It’s so nice to be back behind a desk, hearing the same sorts of conversations as the ones I used to have in my old job. Soon enough I’ll be in the thick of them too. In the short term this week is filled with induction activities, the standard mandatory training and lots of meeting different people and hearing about their roles and how they all fit together. I think it’s going to be busy but good. 


A list of happiness (3)

I’ve decided to move my happiness list to Sunday this week, partly because it makes sense to write it actually at the end of the week it talks about rather than at the start of the next and partly because I already have something I plan to blog about tomorrow. Like always the list is in no particular order and is not intended to be entirely comprehensive (on both previous lists I’ve thought of other things after I’d hit publish). 

Going to book club and spending a couple of hours chatting about all sorts of things with the other lovely ladies while drinking tea and eating cake. Evening rain showers. Starting the final week of my 100 Days Project. Spending an afternoon babysitting and having so much fun playing. A successful and easy shopping trip for clothes that left me feeling good about myself. Leftover profiteroles. A West End themed YouTube spiral. My new Geeky Stitching Club subscription arriving. A Saturday evening spent sitting outside with good company. Finishing a reading to do list over two weeks early. A really fun last Beavers meeting of the term. Gluten free fish and chips. Making lots of progress with my cupcake cross stitch.

What’s made you happy this week?

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No regrets

I went for coffee this morning and spotted this quote on the wall:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

It’s apparently attributed to Mark Twain. Regardless of who said it I found it completely spoke to me, it’s gone into my quotes and words book but I wanted to share it here too. 


A list of happiness (2)

I really enjoyed stopping and thinking about the things that had made me happy for last week’s post so thought I’d do it again this week. So in no particular order here are the things that made me happy last week.

Casting on a new knitting project. FaceTime. Starting and finishing a cross stitch card that made me so happy every time I looked at it. Friday morning coffee and cake. The Doctor Who finale. Getting the start date for my new job confirmed. A lovely meal out. Tea in my new bedtime mug. Buying my ticket for YALC at last and sorting out my hotel booking. Watching so many episodes of all my favourite TV shows. Instagram stories. Getting a gorgeous package from Liz’s shop. Buying new craft materials storage. 

What made you happy last week?

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June in pictures.

At the end of every month I get a Monthly Collage email with a collage of my Instagram pictures for that month. I’m doing a photo a day challenge throughout 2017 on Instagram so it’s a pretty nice round up of my month. Here’s my June.

Like last month it’s pretty dominated by my daily photos of my 100 day project, I started the month with the best intentions to take more pictures but it petered out over the month. The 100 days ends midway through July so I think it’ll be much easier to focus on a bigger variety of photos.