Sweets Glorious Sweets.

During this summers’s Ashes tournament I was aware that a couple of England cricketers tweeted about and received Curious Candy hampers. A few Tuesdays ago I as watching The Great British Bake Off with no treats to hand I noticed Kevin Pietersen tweeting about these hampers so decided to investigate. Through Twitter they were offering an excellent deal so I decided to indulge my very sweet tooth and treat myself to a Candy Explosion hamper.

They describe it as follows:

You name it, this hamper has it. From hard candy to soft candy, chewy sweets, to fizzy tongue tanglers, old school retro to new world treats. This truly is the hamper for all people and all ages! Hamper measures: 130 x 320 x 220 mm

Content – Aniseed Twists, Fizz Whizz, Candy Necklace (1), Mega Brain Drop (1), Candy Whistle (1), Cola Bottles, Double Candy Lollies, Double Dip Sherbet (1), Drumstick Lollies, Fizzers, Haribo Heart Throbs, Flying Saucers, Foam Bananas, Giant Strawbs, Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Fun Gums (1), Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans, Giant Cola Bottles, Haribo Yellow Bellies, Love Heart Rolls, Parma Violets, Pear Drops, Dip Dab (1), Rainbow Drops (1), Rhubarb & Custards, Rainbow Dust Straws (10), Refresher Chews, Strawberry Bon Bons, Teddy Bears, Wine Gums.

Sounded good to me! It arrived a few days later and I snapped a quick pic before exploring it fully.


To the surprise of everyone who knows me I actually do still have some sweets left in my hamper. It was very tempting to just dive in and eat and eat, but I’ve been restrained and made it last so I’ve had many evenings’ enjoyment out of it. There’s such a brilliant range of sweets included, lots of my favourites including a few I haven’t had in a long, long time. It did take me a couple of dips to realise that most of the stripy bags had two different sweets in them – of course that did mean I had to catch up with those so that I’d got an equal amount of all the loose sweets left so it wasn’t all bad!

It’s well worth keeping an eye on their Twitter account @CuriousCandy1 As they often run promotions. I can’t speak highly enough of their customer service, they were very helpful when I was sorting out my order. I’m definitely a convert and will be a repeat customer.

Food · Gluten Free

The Wonderful Broderick’s Bars.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned on this blog before I have Coeliac Disease so have to follow a gluten free diet. When I saw this Buy of the day post on The Guardian website my first thought was to assume they wouldn’t be gluten free (most of the good stuff is). There was a link to the company’s website so I clicked to find out.

I found a lovely website, with all sorts of information but no allergen information. This isn’t uncommon, so I sent a quick email asking if they could tell me whether any of their yummy looking cakes were suitable for me. The usual responses I get, if the company bothers to respond at all, are usually very curt and tend to advise that I go and look on the ingredients list on the packaging. I was amazed therefore to find a reply to my email early the following morning from Bernard Broderick apologising for the information not being on the website, assuring me that their chocolate macaroons were definitely gluten free and offering to send me a box because he felt bad the information hadn’t been there. Of course I said yes!

A few days later the parcel arrived, it contained a box and a part box of chocolate macaroons and a box filled with a selection of their other bars – these do contain gluten so came with the suggestion I could use them as bribes! My dad is also a Coeliac so he has been sharing the macaroons, and mom is not a Coeliac so she has commandeered the box of gluten containing treats. We’ve been eating them for a few days now and I have to say they score full marks with us all! The chocolate macaroons are delicious, they’re full of coconut and wonderfully moist. According to my mom the other cake bars are all wonderful, she’s tried a few different ones now and says it’s impossible to choose a favourite as they’re all so good. She also ends up in fits of laughter each time she has one as she is face again with the very creative names that the bars have.

I’m still blown away by this lovely response. I’ve sent so many similar request emails in the 9 months since I was diagnosed, Broderick’s Bars are the only ones who’ve gone over and above in their answer. We’ll definitely be buying their cakes in the future.