Hi, I’m Jenni. I’ve recently completely my degree in Information and Library Studies at Aberystwyth University and am now looking for a new job that allows me to move to London and use some of the many things I’ve learned.

My interests are many and varied. I read widely (children’s and young adult fiction is my first love, particularly contemporary, realistic stories), and am currently on working on my first book for 8 – 12 year olds. I love storytelling in all its forms, I enjoy going to the theatre and cinema when the opportunity arises and am a fan of many TV dramas – I certainly don’t subscribe to the belief that TV is an inferior medium. I’m an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader for a busy colony of Beavers.

This blog is my personal space, expect to find posts about anything and everything. I also blog at Juniper’s Jungle, this is my dedicated book blog incorporating book reviews, book news and other book related features.

You can find me on Twitter as @juniperjungle and my photos here.

You can contact me by email – jenni.nock@gmail.com

Oh and yes, the title is absolutely a reference to this


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