Looking backwards

I know there's plenty of advice that you should focus on moving forwards rather than looking back behind you, but last Friday I decided to take some time to look backwards. I was settled in London by mid afternoon and didn't have plans until the evening so knew it was the perfect time to pay my old workplace a visit.

It's no secret that I left my job because of its location rather than because of the job itself. Saying goodbye to the amazing team I was part of was incredibly hard, and however welcoming and friendly my new colleagues are they still aren't the old lot. Or at least they're not yet.

I questioned for myself whether it was the right time to go back and see this brilliant group who I miss dearly. I decided though that the opportunity wasn't going to come up again any time soon, so I was going to seize it. I'm so glad I did.

It was a little odd to be back there and to know that that wasn't my place any more. That was completely outweighed though by how brilliant it was to see everyone. It was great to catch up with what had happened since I left, and to be able to tell them a bit about what I've been doing and will be doing.

So should you look backwards? For me it's definitely a yes albeit while moving forwards.

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