Settling in.

I'm into my third week in my new job now. It's all going well, I've hit that point where I know enough to be getting on with things but still don't know very much about anything. I got good at asking questions in my last job and that's proving very useful again now. Years ago I saw asking questions as something that other people would use to view me poorly, so I avoided doing it at all costs. In my last job though I watched, from my desk next to the supervisor's, as everyone in the team came to ask questions regardless of whether they'd been doing their job for a year or a decade. Seeing this reframed asking questions in the workplace for me, and I've brought that increased confidence into my new job too.

The other big lesson I've learned over my work life is the importance of taking proper breaks. At my old job I always stepped away from my desk for my lunch hour, part way through my time there they established a proper staff room and I'd go and escape there with my iPad and a cuppa for an hour. At this new job it works a little differently in that we get a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks. To start with I was taking the time at my desk, just shutting off my computer monitor. A colleague told me about a garden space, complete with benches, just outside our office building though and now I escape there.

It's so nice to go and sit there. It's very peaceful, and being surrounded by the trees and flowers makes for a lovely contrast to the office. I was just going there for lunch, but then realised it takes only a minute to walk from my desk to my bench of choice so I've started taking a cuppa out there for my afternoon break too.

Quite what I'm going to do when the autumn comes and it gets too wet to go out there I'm not too sure. I'm keeping everything crossed for a long, extended summer that lasts well into September at the very least!

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