A list of happiness (4)

I didn't do a happiness list last week and I missed it. So here's this week's list, with a side helping of the happy things I can remember from the week before.

Going to London to see the Para Athletics. Finishing catching up with lots of the shows I watch. Starting to feel comfortable with my new job, being able to get in in the morning, sit down and start working without needing to check anything with anyone. Finding a perfect new mug for work. Unpacking more of the boxes of non-essential stuff I brought back from London. The Student's Union shop selling half size bags of the mini jelly babies. Picking my c2c crochet back up after months. Having to take a detour on the way home because I was so intent on singing along to the radio that I missed my turning. Finally watching Sing Street after hearing so much good about it. Finishing my 100 Days of Cross Stitch. Finding a little, peaceful, grassy space at work to enjoy my lunch in. Discovering it's close enough to make it worth going to for my breaks too.

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