Work in progress : Corner 2 corner crochet blanket.

Tonight I found myself wanting something really simple to work on craft wise so I grabbed the tote that contains my much neglected corner to corner (c2c) blanket out of the cupboard and quickly settled back into the rhythm of it.


This is the perfect sort of project for occupying my hands without taxing my brain. I’m tired tonight, so tired after an information heavy first week in my job, so I needed some quiet TV time. The c2c blanket is so ideal, it’s mainly triple crochet stitches (UK terms) with some chain stitches and slip stitches here and there. I find triple crochet the easiest to work, once I get into the swing of them again they’re almost hypnotic.


This blanket is neglected mainly because it’s for me and so there’s no deadline for it to be done by. It’s going to be for curling up under on cold evenings, a TV and reading blanket, so it won’t end up being too big so shouldn’t take all that long to make. Or it won’t if I don’t get distracted by another dozen projects in the meantime!

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