A list of happiness (3)

I’ve decided to move my happiness list to Sunday this week, partly because it makes sense to write it actually at the end of the week it talks about rather than at the start of the next and partly because I already have something I plan to blog about tomorrow. Like always the list is in no particular order and is not intended to be entirely comprehensive (on both previous lists I’ve thought of other things after I’d hit publish). 

Going to book club and spending a couple of hours chatting about all sorts of things with the other lovely ladies while drinking tea and eating cake. Evening rain showers. Starting the final week of my 100 Days Project. Spending an afternoon babysitting and having so much fun playing. A successful and easy shopping trip for clothes that left me feeling good about myself. Leftover profiteroles. A West End themed YouTube spiral. My new Geeky Stitching Club subscription arriving. A Saturday evening spent sitting outside with good company. Finishing a reading to do list over two weeks early. A really fun last Beavers meeting of the term. Gluten free fish and chips. Making lots of progress with my cupcake cross stitch.

What’s made you happy this week?

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