Stitchy musings

I’ve been cross stitching pretty flat out for the last couple of days. I’m only working on a small project – it’ll be a card when it’s finished – but there’s plenty of detail. There’s a whole section that uses two similar shades of a colour to add depth, quite a lot of half cross stitches which always slow the pace down (and make me think I really need to switch to evenweave fabric which will make them so much easier to work). 

It’s been nice even if it’s been slow going. I’ve watched lots of my favourite TV and properly chilled out while sewing. It’s made me reflect a bit on my 100 Days project, it’s been such a fun project but at the same time I’m now very much at the stage I’m looking forward to reaching the end of it and having the extra time each day to work on other projects. I’m a couple of months behind on my Geeky Stitching Club kits and have my year long stitch-a-long still to even start (it’s taken until now to get all the materials sorted out for it). 

It would be very silly in the face of this to be planning another long term project wouldn’t it… It’d certainly be ill advised to be planning a year long daily project… Well, watch this space!

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