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A list of happiness.

Over the last couple of days I’ve loved reading posts by lovely bloggers Grace and Donna, both joining other bloggers in writing a list of the things that have made them happy this week. I love this idea, I’ve talked before about how I’ve learned the value of focusing on the positive and happy in life no matter how big or small. I can’t resist joining in so here, slightly delayed, is my list of things that made me happy over the last week.

Drinking coffee in the garden before it got too hot to be out there. Making headway with catching up with some of my favourite TV shows. Getting my hair done. Refinding my reading mojo and racing through a trio of books. Friday morning coffee and cake. Putting the finishing touches on my secret knitting project. Wonderful news from wonderful friends. Building geeky Lego. Watching the Beaver Scouts conquer the climbing wall. The cold side of the pillow. Sitting in the dark watching Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury. Walking into a job interview feeling confident. Walking out of the job interview feeling confident. Getting the phone call offering me the job. 

What would be on your happy list for last week?

One thought on “A list of happiness.

  1. Ah, the job interview bits made me smile. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve probably got the job – other than getting the phone call to confirm it!

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