Geek Stuff

Building brick by brick

Today I spent a lovely morning combining two of the things I love, Lego and The Avengers. 

I’d seen these Brick Headz ages ago and wasn’t entirely sold on them but then I saw a photo on Instagram of someone’s and realised they were actually pretty cool. When I saw them on sale in my local supermarket and noticed the was a Black Widow one I couldn’t resist. And of course I needed a Cap to go with her.

They were really good fun to build. They’re structured cleverly, I was impressed with the range of pieces they used and with the way they’re solid – I’d expected the inside of the head to be hollow but it’s actually filled with bricks.

They’re going to make a really good addition to the geeky shelves above my desk. I think I might have to add the Hulk and Iron Man ones that round out the existing Avengers range before long. 

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