Wednesday Work in Progress.

I thought I’d share something slightly different from my crafting today and focus on one of my ongoing projects rather than a completed one. I’ve resisted doing this before mainly because cross stitch projects in progress have a tendency to look very crumpled – I use a wooden embroidery hoop for my projects so there are lots of hoop marks and other creases from gathering the fabric while I sew. 

I picked this project back up tonight for the first time in weeks though and thought it might be good to share it at this stage in an effort to keep me on track with it and get it finished sooner rather than later.

It’s a little over half finished I would think, as well as completing the rest of the oval of cakes there are quite a few individual stitches to go back and do (each rectangular frame has a single contrast colour stitch in each corner for instance) and the back stitched words to go in the labels etc.

When it’s finished it will go in and oval embroidery hoop which will be a first for me. The project as a whole is fun and colourful to sew even if at this stage I’m not sure what I’ll do with the finished piece as it’s probably not something I’d put up myself. 

I’ve got 28 more days on my 100 Days of Cross Stitch so I’m aiming to finish this in that time frame too.

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