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Last night was a special night for me. It was the night I returned to my Beaver Scout colony after a little more than 2 years away. I’d been with them for a little over 6 years but had to leave them behind when I moved to London.

I’d hoped I’d be able to continue Scouting in London but the logistics meant it just didn’t work. Beaver Scouts at 6 – 8 years of age are the youngest in the movement – meetings therefore happen in the early evening (my colony meets at 6pm). I didn’t finish work early enough to be able to then travel to get to a meeting and there were no colonies near my office.

I’m home now though and so I contacted my old Beaver Scout Leader and asked if she’d have me back. Happily she said yes and so last night was my first evening back.

So good to be able to get these all back out.

It was great, slightly overwhelming (so many names to learn and put to the right faces) but complete and utter fun. I unexpectedly had to step up and lead an activity which meant I was kept completely on my toes – I’ve since thought of so many ways I could have done it better, but I did it and it was fine so felt like an achievement.

We’ve got a great programme coming up for this half term. We’re out and about visiting somewhere different every week. I’m really looking forward to all the adventures we’re bound to have.

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