When crafting goes wrong

I was planning to write a post today about having had a successful sewing afternoon yesterday. I can’t though, it was a complete and utter disaster. It was so much of a disaster that after twenty minutes of painstaking unpicking of tiny stitches I gave up and binned my little project. What was I going to write about instead? I found myself wondering,  before realising that I was still going to write about my sewing afternoon. I’m happy enough to talk about all my successful projects so it seems only fair and balanced to acknowledge the disasters too.

I was planning to make some dribble bibs for a friend’s soon to be born baby. Cotton print on one side and terry towelling on the other. So what went wrong? Pretty much everything. It started well enough, I used out my new rotary blade to cut the fabric and fell instantly in love with how easy it was to cut everything out. The first stage of sewing went okay, but not brilliantly, and then it just kept getting worse. It made me so glad I’d decided on a practice run using a cheap cotton I’d had in my stash ages rather than one of the lovely fabrics I’ve bought for this project.

I came to the conclusion that the terry towelling I have is the wrong absorbent layer all together – it’s too thick, the loops are too big (trying to unpick anything from the towelling side of the fabric is virtually impossible), and it’s far too quick to shed white fluff everywhere. If I’m entirely honest the shedding of the fabric would have been enough to make me reconsider using it – I described it as being the glitter of the fabric world, and in my books anything glitter like is a very bad thing.

I’m off to the fabric shop to buy a different backing fabric. I will definitely be looking for something nice and soft, and absorbent, but something that doesn’t make my table look like Queen Elsa’s been for a visit. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to write another post about my successful bib making!

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