Gluten Free

Tesco Free From Pulled beef & red wine ragu.

While I’m not a big ready meal eater I can’t argue with the fact that they can be a quick and easy meal when you need one. While I was living in London Marks and Spencer brought out their free from wheat ready meals and they became a really useful thing I could grab after a too busy day.

I hadn’t heard much about Tesco’s new range of free from ready meals so thought I’d get one and try it out (now I’m back home I’m far more likely to be grabbing something from Tesco than M&S). I chose this pasta dish


I chose this partly because much of the rest of the range didn’t really appeal to me, and partly because the spaghetti bolognaise in the M&S range was a very late but favourite discovery of mine.

When I first got it out of the microwave I wasn’t very sold on it – it looked pretty watery and not all that appetising. I gave it a good stir though and served it up, it looked better then even if I wasn’t sure that the portion size was particularly generous.


It tasted pretty good. I hadn’t noticed on the packaging that the sauce was tomato and lentil based. I’m not a fan of lentils so it wasn’t entirely to my taste but that’s entirely down to my lack of reading skills. The pasta within it was great and there was plenty of it.

Despite the lentils I enjoyed this enough that I would grab it again if I needed something super quick and filling.

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