Digging for a first draft.

I’ve watched quite a lot of the Chelsea flower show coverage this week. I love it. I grew up in a house where there are always flowers, with a garden that’s always colourful and welcoming. My grandparents’ house was the same too – my grandad was a wonderful gardener. I think growing up around lovely gardens filled with beautiful flowers has definitely instilled that same love in me and so things like a week full of programmes from Chelsea makes me incredibly happy.

Watching the coverage I was interested to listen to the gardeners behind the stunning show gardens talk about the process. I was particularly interested to hear Tracy Foster, the creator of the Welcome to Yorkshire garden, talk about there being a point where the garden all seemed awful but then by carrying on bit by bit it all fell into place and took shape. 

I think this rings true for a lot of creative things. I certainly think it applies for writing. Or at the very least I hope it does. I’m currently at that stage with my first draft. It’s spiralled away from me more than a little and I’m trying to work out how to tame it and get it back under control. I feel encouraged by the idea that this might just be the stage I’m at and that if I just keep going it’s going to fall in place and I’ll end up with something vaguely coherent. I may not end up with a beautiful garden filled with colourful flowers at the end, but I think the sense of achievement of being able to write The End will be just as welcome a reward. 

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