100 Days of Cross Stitch – the halfway mark.

Yesterday was the 50th day of my 100 Days Project. You can read more about it here and here but the short version is that for 100 days I’m cross stitching a 10 x 10 stitch square using a palette of 10 colours.

Here’s a shot of the whole piece


I’m still having so much fun with this project. There are definitely challenges starting to crop up – having only 10 colours means I’m having to either discard ideas or get slightly creative (who’d have thought I’d miss brown?), having only 10 x 10 stitches means some ideas just won’t fit, and having an even number of rows and columns means that some ideas just don’t work because they need any odd number of rows and/or columns and off-setting them just looks odd.

Reaching the halfway point though has reminded me just how long 100 days is (this is not the first 100 day long project I’ve done, and it never fails to surprise me how long it takes to get to the end). This second quarter seems to have gone faster than the first did though so I’ll be back soon enough with my third quarter update!

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