Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

I’ve decided I like gathering things through the week to share on a Friday so I’m going to do it in a sort of mainly regular fashion. I’m not guaranteeing to do it every week, but you should definitely expect to see it more often than not.

In recent months I’ve been introduced to a couple of Tiny Letters that now arrive in my inbox and bring me joy. I mentioned subscribing to A Woman to Know back on International Women’s Day, it has already taught me about so many fascinating women. Then more recently a friend recommended the Two Bossy Dames one, it arrives each weekend and brings loads of fascinating links and great commentary – it’s the sort of email that deserves a sit down and a fresh cup of tea. This long introduction is all really to give the credit to Two Bossy Dames for my first favourite thing from this week that I want to share – this article about the science and maths behind the incredible gowns at the Met Gala (but also in fashion as a whole).

While I’m a huge geek Star Trek has never been a huge part of my geekery, until the film reboots started I’d only ever seen random episodes of the tv series – there’s so much of it that while I’d love to catch up with it all it seems like an overly daunting task. Now though, now it’s different. Netflix is bringing us a brand new series Star Trek: Discovery which is set before even the original series so no need for that prior knowledge. The first trailer’s been released this week and I’m even more excited for it now.

And finally, I’m loving Niall Horan’s new single Slow Hands, and really loving this lyric video (even if as my group chat pointed out it is a little light on the actual lyrics) – I’m always a fan of anything remotely behind the scenes (particularly when that includes recording studio footage) and I love all the little animated bits added.

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