Making a Morsbag.

At the Handmade Fair on Sunday one of the most interesting stalls that we saw was the one that belonged to Morsbags. Morsbags are, in their own words, re-usable cloth shopping bags made by volunteers worldwide using recycled donated fabric and given away free as an alternative to plastic carrier bags.

At the fair they had a stall where they were giving people the opportunity to make a Morsbag using a pack of precut and ironed fabric – they had two gazebos filled with old Singer hand powered sewing machines so you could make one then and there. We weren’t lucky enough to visit at a time when the queue was short enough to join so instead we brought our fabric away to make ourĀ bags at home.

I made mine yesterday. It’s a nice simple pattern and they have a great instructional video on the website that shows you how to make your bag. I was glad I’d watched it as their way for fastening the handles was even more secure than the way I’d planned to do it.


I think this is a really lovely idea, I’m going to be ordering some more Morsbags labels and raiding my local charity shop for some fabric to make some more.

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