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Finding balance 

Today’s been a really quiet one. It’s been a day of taking things slowly, resting, doing things that require little energy or concentration. I’ve watched some telly that I’d recorded or that had appeared on Netflix while I was away, I did some easy crafting, I played my new favourite low brain power game on my phone. 

And now? Now I’m tucked up in bed with my last cuppa of the day, quickly writing something here before I crack open my copy of American Gods so that I can make a few pages start on reading it before starting to watch the TV series. 

This is what my looking after myself after I’ve overdone it looks like. I had a fantastic long weekend away but the consequence of having a few days away like that is the need for downtime to manage the pain and fatigue that overdoing it brings. The fun I had seeing my friends and their boys is definitely worth it, but now I have to balance myself back out. This is one of the sides of having an invisible disability that most people don’t see which in itself made me decide to blog a little about it tonight. 

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