Gluten Free

Dean’s Gluten Free Choc Chip & Stem Ginger Shortbread

It feels at the moment like every time I go into a supermarket there’s a new gluten free range on the shelves. This is in itself great, but time and again the products aren’t actually that exciting – often they’re another brand’s version of something someone else is already producing. Sometimes though they’re something completely and utterly different, and sometimes they’re down right brilliant.


I spotted Dean’s gluten free shortbread on the shelves in Morrison’s. A quick look at their website has taught me that their gluten free range contains three varieties and then they do regular shortbread ranges for the non-Coeliacs. I chose to try the choc chip & stem ginger version as I’m a real fan of ginger in things (a family friend makes orange and ginger marmalade and it’s absolutely the best).


I tried a couple with my morning coffee and was really impressed with them. They’re not entirely the way I remember shortbread being, but I’ve been gluten free for well over 7 years now so I accept that my memory of things is probably more than a little shakey by now. As an actually biscuit they’re delicious – I had to put the packet away so I could resist eating them all in one sitting!

I’ll try the plain shortbread and the choc chip versions – I like to be thorough and scientific after all – but I’m pretty sure I’ve found my favourite already!

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