Oh sew slow*

It’s Wednesday again which means another day spent with my sewing machine. I’d attempting getting really organised yesterday and cut the fabric for three different projects – I know that I will get more efficient if I do things in batches so thought it was a good opportunity to try this out.

After ironing everything this morning (should really have done that before photographing them and putting them on Instagram yesterday…) I decided to start with turning the triangles into half a dozen sewing weights. It didn’t go very well. They’re pretty small and fiddly (and smaller than I think I’d want them to be any way) and I just had a complete fail at trying to work out the geometry of them. I’m going to revisit them but am going to make a doorstop sized one first so I can properly understand the construction before returning to these little ones.

I switched instead to using the space fabric to make a little boxy pouch. I used this tutorial and worked through it steadily. There was a lot of sewing, ripping out and re-sewing, but I learned something from every re-sewn seam. The end result is one I’m really happy with.

It’s a nice little pouch but there are already things I’d want to do differently next time. If I was going to stick to using this tutorial I’d definitely add interfacing as it could do with a little more structure. I think though that I’ll probably try out this slightly different tutorial as it includes a full lining which is a finish I’d prefer.

The lovely grey and pink fabric pieces have gone back in my sewing basket as I took so long to do everything else that I ran out of time. I thought I was probably being a little overambitious but at least this way I’ve got another project ready to go next time I get some time to sit down with my machine!

* Yes I’m fully aware I’m stretching the sew-so titles as thinly as they’ll go. I never claimed to be good at titles, in fact I actually blogged about how bad at them I am.

4 thoughts on “Oh sew slow*

    1. Oh thank you!

      You’ll note of course that there are no photographs of the disastrous pyramids – they might alter your awe level!

      1. Nah, they’ll still be much better than anything I could do. I think I’d like to have a go at making something soon though. *starts plotting*

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