Crafty check in.

Happy May Day! I’ve enjoyed today’s bank holiday doing all sorts of craft related things.

We went this morning to a local craft centre. It’s a mixture of workshops that craftspeople can rent both as work spaces and shop fronts, and a visitor centre that sells craft items and has a tea room. It was interesting to go and see how it had changed since I had last visited about 10 years ago. The workshops were occupied by a mixture of people who’ve been there as long as I can remember and new faces. It seems there’s a fine balance between them being work spaces allowing the crafters to get on with their work and them being shops that are welcoming – to be honest none of them had got this quite right, but I’m not sure how you would change it to get it right for both.

This afternoon has been a mixture of working on my 100 Days of Cross Stitch, and printing patterns ready to get back to some sewing practice in the next day or two. I spent lots of time yesterday researching ideas and I’m looking forward to getting on with some making.

I thought, as it’s the start of a new month and as 2017 is now one-third over (how this can be I have no idea) I would look back at the crafty goals that I set in this post and see how I’m getting on with them. Then, I read them and realised that I’ve actually made little or no progress with any of them despite how much of my time ends up being used for crafty pursuits!

  1. Complete the Cloudsfactory Famous Women in History stitchalong. No progress yet due to lots of issues getting the fabric sorted ready to stitch. Hoping to make progress through May as I do now have the fabric.
  2. Produce at least half a dozen cross stitch designs and list them on Etsy. Tiny amount of progress, one design is half finished. Need to finish designs, get them stitched, photographed and listed.
  3. Complete two full size crochet blankets (i.e. not baby blankets). These are both in progress as they were started last year but I’ve barely picked either up so far in 2017.
  4. Improve my photography of my finished objects and works in progress. I’m definitely thinking a bit more about this but by and large don’t feel there’s any significant improvement yet.
  5. Knit a child size jumper or cardigan using fair isle or some other colour work technique (this will involve learning fair isle or some other colour work technique). I’ve started looking for patterns but haven’t found anything I like yet.

If I was to assess my progress I think it would be a definite could do better. I don’t want to change any of these goals, I still think they’re sound. I just need to keep them in mind a little more!

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