I’m not very sure about Sundays at the moment. I go through phases like this, when I’m not particularly busy I tend to end up feeling like Sundays are days that just get frittered away with very little happening. I’m a fan of having days spent deliberately doing little – a day with a planned boxset binge once in a while is a Very Good Thing, but days when you get to the end of them and can’t actually work out what you did definitely aren’t.

I’ve got plans for the next couple of Sundays, I’ve got a trip away planned for the coming weekend and then a day out the following Sunday. I think I need to give some thought over the next couple of weeks to the Sundays after that, I think that particularly now we’re coming properly through to the proper spring (not that today’s been remotely springlike) and then the summer I need to start making the most of them.

In the meantime I’m salvaging the end of today by a little more research for a new project while I wait for the Line of Duty finale. Ending the day right!

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