More sewing.

I’ve been sewing again today. I currently have Wednesdays completely to myself so I took the opportunity to set my sewing machine / craft area up knowing I could sew a little, return to my laptop and work a little, and keep repeating without getting in anyone’s way.

I’d chosen a zipped, lined pouch as my next project. When I went to print the pattern for the first one I’d chosen to make I discovered that the pattern itself was no longer available so I went back to my Pinterest board and chose a different one. I was glad I did actually as the instructions and photos were clearer and more helpful.

I cut and ironed my pieces and got ready to sew.


Mistakes were made. Seams were sewn, and ripped out, and resewn, but I worked out what needed to be changed and fixed it. I learned from them (mainly that my poor sense of direction applies to sewing as well as any sort of movement) and hopefully I won’t make them again.

I’m happy with the end result.

I learned new things again making this; changing the feet on my sewing machine, how to use a zipper foot and making sure patterned fabric is the right way round (this wasn’t the mistake I made, I stopped and thought about this part before I did it). I also had the opportunity to practice my slip stitching again.

This is the right sort of size for throwing essentials in when I’m using a little bag and don’t want to carry my whole purse, or when I’m using my camera bag rather than a handbag. I’ve got a couple of ideas that involve this sort of pouch and some of my other crafts so watch this space for some other projects.


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