Keeping on keeping on.

I blogged a couple of weeks back about starting to write creatively again, and about how it was all feeling very positive. Since then I’ve continued on a really positive streak with it, I passed the ten thousand word mark by the end of my second week of writing and it’s still feeling like lots of fun.

I’ve set myself a daily writing goal of 1,000 words but I’ve not set myself a goal for how many days I should be writing. The more writing advice I’ve read the more I’ve realised finding your own way is the best thing you can do. There are still so many who say you absolutely have to write each and every day, but this doesn’t sit well with me and so I’m not pushing myself to do it any more. I’ve actually found that I’ve exceeded my daily goal each and every day, even on the days when I’ve found it hard to get going I’ve ended up finding my rhythm and going at least a little past it.

One thing I have done is to establish an Excel spreadsheet for this project (it’s truly amazing that there are still people in my life who don’t realise I’m a huge geek, after all I hide it so well). It’s got all sorts of tabs, from a character list tab to a tab where I record my daily words, and best of all a tab that contains a giant graph that automatically updates with my day’s writing and shows me how much ahead of my 1,000 words a day goal I am. I am hugely motivated by visual representations of progress (I write all my words on a website that displays a star for every 100 words you write and a gold star for every 1,000) so I’m finding this graph is making a big difference to me.

Most of all I’m having fun. I already know that when I reach the end of this draft there is going to be so much work to do in order to edit it into something I’m willing to let anyone else see. I’m not getting bothered by that though, I’m remembering the Terry Pratchett quote that “the first draft is just you telling yourself the story” and enjoying the experience.

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