Back to the books?

I’m job hunting at the moment. I have been for quite a while, but part of the reason I moved home from London was to make the job hunt easier. Since moving and settling back into country life my job hunt has stepped up. It’s going slowly, I think it’s a process that invariably does. One thing I’ve noticed however is that no matter how qualified you might be, there are always going to be plenty of roles out there that want you to have more or different qualifications.

I like studying and learning. I’ve been reminded lately how much I enjoy them thanks to my daily Timehop being filled with comments about my past studies. I’ve always intended to continue studying at some point. There are so many things that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn, mainly because of the way you have to narrow your academic interests at every stage through the education process first making GCSE option choices before narrowing down to only 3 or 4  A Levels and then potentially one single subject degree. At the very least there are a couple of A Levels I would love to go back and complete, subject areas that were high interest to me but of low desirability for my already chosen higher education direction.

Now though I’m wondering whether further vocational type study might be my next step (those A Levels will be mine one day). There are a couple of sideways moves I could make from my existing work type that would require some further study and then open up all sorts of new opportunities. They’d be the sort of thing I could pursue independently alongside working (I can’t currently imagine stepping back out of the world of work for full time study) and could be a really interesting move long term.

There’s lots of thinking to be done first. Just because they seem like they’d be positive moves now doesn’t mean that by the time I was done they still would be (starting a Library focused degree just before spending cuts started closing libraries and removing qualified librarian posts has taught me a lot about being cautious about the future). I know I have a great talent for enthusiasm, but I also have a generally cautious streak so I’m happy to do yet more research and make sure I’m sure about whatever conclusion I come to. If nothing more thinking about this before I sleep certainly beats counting sheep!

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