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Welcome back.

Doctor Who has been one of my favourite things for quite a few years now. In the time I’ve been loving the show I’ve completed two degrees,  I’ve moved six times, I’ve changed career paths once or twice and through it all the Doctor has been a constant. My degree of love for the show has waxed and waned, but athere’s lways been something that’s kept me watching.

Tonight the show returned for a new series. I was really looking forward to it, both to see how it could continue to build from the previous series which I really enjoyed and also to see the introduction of new girl Bill, played by Pearl Mackie.

I’m not intending on saying anything specific about the episode, as I’m typing this it still hasn’t aired in most places. I really enjoyed it though, I’m so pleased with the way it’s only increased my anticipation for the rest of the series. And as for Bill? Well I think there may be an imminent reshuffle towards the top end of my list of companions ordered by how much I love them!

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