Once more with feeling.

I’ve started writing again this week. Towards the end of last year I had got into a fairly good writing routine in as much as I was actually writing consistently on a project. The Christmas break and then the decision to move home from London saw this new habit fall by the wayside, the longer I was away from writing the harder I was finding it to work out how to get back to it.

Last week I opened my work in progress for the first time in months and felt almost entirely lost. I’d been getting increasingly lost as I was writing it, there was no direction and what I thought I’d started out writing had all but disappeared. Reading it back confirmed that I’d lost my way and there’s no map to be found. There’s still parts of it I like a lot, but it doesn’t feel like the thing I should be focusing my attention on at the moment.

Yesterday I started on something completely new. It’s not just a new project but a new direction in almost every way. It’s aimed at an entirely different audience and has a completely different feel to anything I’ve worked on in years. I feel more excited about it and settled with in than I’ve felt about any writing for almost as long as I can remember.

Maybe this is all just new project enthusiasm. I’d love to think that it feels so different this time because it is different this time. I’m certainly different so why can’t my writing be? I get the feeling I’m going to enjoy this draft and who knows what might happen next.

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