Crafty cutting

After yesterday’s slightly disappointing craft fair visit I decided this morning that I needed a bit of quality making time. I do some combination of cross stitch, knitting and crochet most days but this morning I fancied something a little different so dug out my papercutting supplies. 

I went on a beginners’ papercutting workshop about a year ago and really loved it. I started the day barely able to cut in a straight line let alone round a curve and by the end of the day had cut this:

Shortly after the workshop there was an issue of Mollie Makes magazine that came with a load of papercutting sheets, I’d put them to one side ready for the next time I wanted to do some. Today was that day and so I found them, and chose some straightforward gem shapes to start off with – I definitely felt the need to go back to nice simple shapes first before even thinking about attempting something more intricate.

After a few pretty hesitant first cuts it all started coming back to me. The first gem came out fine, so on the second one I experimented a little – cutting all of the interior details out using two different sorts of blade to see which I preferred. I did one side with a very ergonomic blade and the other with a traditional scalpel. The latter was definitely my preference but has the downside of being less comfortable for my hypermobile hands, I think this will become a craft I do for short, focused periods of time.

I started on a different cut after a break but then the natural light was fading so it seemed like time to stop. It was so nice to do something completely different and to take the time to think again about what I’m making and how I’m going about it. 

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