I blogged a couple of weeks ago about starting some research about craft fairs. I’ve now been to two and I’m at that stage of research where I need to stop, re-evaluate and come up with a revised plan.

Both of the craft fairs that I’ve been to have been hosted in village halls (I live in the countryside, you can’t go many miles without reaching another village hall). They’ve both had a small range of stalls where people are selling their crafts. They’ve also had stalls set up by people selling the things you can have parties at your house to sell – candles, commercially produced cards, books etc which don’t really fit with the whole handmade thing in any case. 

There was a significant overlap in stalls, today’s fair was slightly larger so had all of the stalls from last week’s and a few extras. Size wise I managed to look at everything and be on my way back to my car in about 10 minutes on both trips, and found I was sharing the hall with only one or two other browsers.

This has all made me question just how viable these craft fairs would be as a way to sell my crafts. The sheer lack of visitors alone makes them feel like they aren’t going to be successful for me. I’m going to stop my visits at this point and go back to the drawing board. I need a new plan so it’s time to get thinking and researching again.

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