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Back in the research saddle.

I’m off on a research trip tomorrow. If things go the way I’ve planned it should be the first of four, all taking places over the next few Saturdays. The destination? A local craft fair.

I’ve decided I’m ready to move on with my crafting and start turning into a side venture, a way of making a little extra money and of sharing what I’m making with more people. Having a stall at craft fairs feels like it might be the right first step for me, and so my planning is underway. 

It’ll come as no surprise that research and planning is something I actively enjoy, I like to know as much about everything as I possibly can and I always prefer to have a thought out, methodical approach to everything. I’ve set up a notebook specifically to capture all my thoughts and plans and discoveries, and I’ve finally started reading (albeit slowly) Craft a Creative Business. 

I want to go and visit some local craft fairs and actually see them for myself. I’ve come up with a few things I want to learn:

  • Who’s selling at these fairs?
  • Who’s buying at these fairs?
  • What’s selling?
  • How many of those who are selling are turning up at all of them?

I’ve got a set of crafts planned out as the ones I would intend to sell but I definitely feel like I need to go and answer these questions (and any more that come to mind over these trips) before I can think about starting to make things and do all of the many other steps needed to be ready to start selling.
Exciting, creative times ahead!

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