Changing Time

Like so many in the UK today I’ve been so tired all day thanks to yesterday’s clock change. Yesterday I found at times I was super sleepy for a short while and then fine whereas today I’ve just been consistently tired. 

I’ve been thinking about the nature of the change though. Most of Europe is one hour different time wise to the UK and coming back from holidays in GMT +1 has never felt like this much of an issue. I know that’s the opposite change to the Spring change but I struggle my way through the Autumn change just the same. So if I cope fine with a one hour change when it’s a timezone change, why is the shift to and from daylight savings an issue?

I remember when I got back off holiday last year from San Francisco which is 8 hours different to the UK that someone advised me that as a rule of thumb it takes one day per hour time difference that you have to adjust to. I don’t know how accurate that is, but if it is then again the clock change seems to work differently because it takes way more than one day to adjust.

I think I’m going to add it to my little list of things to find out about, I’ve got a couple of vaguely considered hypotheses already. I’m not really entirely sure where to start but that can be half the fun of trying to learn about something completely new. Who knows, by the time we reach the autumn change I may have conquered it and will sail through it unscathed! It’s nice to have a little hope at least.

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