A bookish finished object 

This week I put the finishing touch to the cross stitch project I’d mentioned finishing the stitching on a couple of weeks ago. It was a kit I spotted by chance in Hobbycraft, a bookmark with a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design – as soon as I saw it I knew it was something I could make for my granny for Mother’s Day.

I wasn’t entirely impressed with the kit. I didn’t enjoy the aida band that the bookmark is stitched onto, it was very soft and floppy which made stitching on it tricky. I ended up using a hoop to get some tension in the fabric – normally for something that size I would just stitch it in hand. The fabric also frayed really badly, the instructions said to start stitching 3cm from the top – this fabric is then turned under in the finishing process – by the time I’d finished stitching a fair bit of this 3cm had been lost to fraying.

The actual design was lovely to stitch. I enjoyed patterns and geometric designs so this was ideal. I’d like to do a larger design along these lines at some point. The finishing was also fun, it took time and patience and careful ironing but was oh so satisfying. The end result is one I’m very happy with – it’s now waiting for my granny to open tomorrow, I’m sure she’ll like it too.

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