I have this thing for words, and for lyrics, and for quotes. I’ve collected them for years, I used to keep them in a notebook and then switched to capturing them digitally as bookmarks, or pins on my Pinboard or Pinterest, or notes on my phone. Recently I’ve gone back to a notebook – I’ve got one that looks like a TARDIS which seems like a fitting place to capture thoughts and ideas and meanings. Some of them are captured because I want to make art with them. And some are captured simply because I want to remember them. 

Today I was in my favourite coffee shop. Its walls are lined with quotes and words, every time I’m there I spot a new one. Today I spotted one that I fell instantly in love with, it’s already in the notebook along with a quick sketch of what I want to make with it. I thought I’d share it here too – it felt right.

Sometimes you will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory.

Dr Seuss.

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