Crowdfunding an exhibition.

For nearly a year at work I shared my corner of the office with Jamie. He started exactly a year after I did, and took over the desk next to mine that had been empty for months. It was lovely to have some company, and over the course of the year we chatted about all sorts. Jamie is an artist, he’d graduated from the university’s school of media, art and design. It was so lovely having someone so creative to chat with – while our creative pursuits were very different there were areas of overlap, and I’ll be honest listening to other creative people talk about their creativity is one of my favourite things.

Jamie and two other artists are now using Kickstarter to crowdfund their new exhibition “Written on the Skin”. You can find the campaign and read more about it here. It sounds like such a good idea to me – I’m still fascinated by crowdfunding campaigns and the way they can be used, this seems like an ideal way to use it.

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