The tiniest crafting.

Last week I shared this photo on my Instagram:

It got plenty of attention both there and on Facebook so I thought I’d blog about it. In the picture there are 10 pairs of bootees, 16 cardigans and 57 hats all in tiny sizes for premature babies. They were knitted by me and my mom over the last couple of years – I’ve got one storage box of baby yarn and and grab some out periodically to add a few more items to the pile.


The patterns all came from Bliss a few years ago. They’re not there any more, there are new patterns on the website instead, you can see them here.

On Saturday I went to my local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to deliver the parcel of knitting. While I was there they mentioned that their current priority wish for crafters is crocheted octopuses. These have been in the media quite a bit in recent weeks, I first heard about them and their benefits when a friend sent my this link from the Bournemouth Echo and had added them to my ever growing project list. Hearing how wanted they are has made me move them right up towards the top.

The link to the English language crochet pattern PDF is here. The nurse at the NICU told me that they’re best crocheted in 100% cotton yarn – this is both so they can be made sterile and because cotton yarn has a smooth finish which is a preferable texture. I’ve ordered some yarn so will have photos to share soon once I start making.

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